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January 2018 Employee of the Month

January 9, 2018

Green Clinic is pleased to announce our January 2018 Employee of the Month is Dana Ingram from our Surgery Department.  Dana was nominated by several co-workers and here's what they all have to say about her.

"She is a fantastic employee to Green Cinic.  Dana is very helpful not only to patients but to co-workers too.  If someone needs to be off, but no one can cover it, Dana will cover her clinic and theirs.  She never has a bad attitude and is a fun spirited person to be around, that's hard to find sometimes.  She is like a second mother to most of us "younger" adults and we adore her for it!  We love her VERY much!!  She deserves EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH for so many more reasons than just these."

Another co-worker had these very nice things to say about Dana..."She is an amazing co-worker and nurse and always fun to be around.  She is very professional, tries to help patients in anyway she can.  She is a great mother, amazing grandmother, loves to cook, very bubby personality.  Overall she is a wonderful person to be around."

CONGRATULATIONS DANA INGRAM!!  Thank you for being such a wonderful representative of Green Clinic.  We are proud to have you as part of the Green Clinic family.

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