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About Us

"It soon became evident to me, a young doctor just out of training, that medical men in general were not sufficiently cooperative, and there was too much duplication of effort. In a community such as ours, a cooperative effort would have to be developed if the people of our area were to have the best medical care that could be provided."

Those were the words of Dr. Marvin Green, Sr., a young physician in Ruston, Louisiana, whose vision in 1948 was the driving force behind Green Clinic.   Now, 75 years later, Green Clinic serves our patients with more than 50 providers and numerous other clinical specialists working together to provide comprehensive, quality healthcare.  Dr. Green’s dream became a reality that continues to evolve, always focused on the patients we serve and how to make each and every experience a better one.

Green Clinic is a multi-specialty clinic, providing both primary and specialty care to patients of all ages, from newborns to seniors.  Because our physicians practice as a group, they can collaborate on your care, and provide a seamless experience effectively and efficiently.  We provide most ancillary services in-house, such a lab, x-ray, pulmonary, neurologic and cardiac testing, as well as rehabilitative services.  Many of these services can be provided the day of your physician visit, saving you valuable time, and sending you on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

At Green Clinic, we work as a family, to take care of YOUR family.  Our goal is to build a relationship with each of our patients,  built on respect and communication.  Our commitment to our patients and our community is our priority, and drives us to challenge ourselves daily to provide only the highest quality in healthcare.


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